12 Ways to Be Successful in Life


Being successful is what we all want in life – be it success from our careers, our business ventures, our family life and relationships. Of course, who does not want success in everything? We all want to find ways to be successful in life and we are probably searching here and there and looking at how people we considered successful strive to their way to the top.

We may all live different lives and we have different abilities and purposes in life but we can probably agree on the ways to be successful in life. These may not be a secret but sometimes we just refuse to follow it. Continue reading

Germany Girl

Hello guys! 🙂


Well, I’ll tell you about My New Friend. Her name is Ria Angel Putri Alrutz. I call her Ria. She comes from Germany. Actually her mom is from Indonesia but his Dad is from Germany. I recognized her from facebook. My friend (Dini)  gave her facebook to me and then we were to be friend. She was born in Germany and study over there. Continue reading



Spring is transition from winter to summer. Usually spring is started on 21st March until 21st June in the northern hemisphere but in the southern hemisphere it is atarted on 23th September until 21st December. Sprig is called flower season because the flowers and plants bloom again. Atmospheric in spring is warm. Usually they go for picnic with their family. In spring there are various of foods, festivals and some activities. Continue reading

My Senior High School


My Senior High School is SMA Negeri 1 Purwakarta. It is located at KK.Singawinata Street No.113 Purwakarta. It is about 3 kilometers from my home. It is near Rebo market and Situ Buleud lake. My school is big enough. The situation is comfortable, clean, and crowded. There are some facilities that make students are happy to study, festival and a program of student exchange.

My school is big enough but the field is not wide. It just has 2 floors. There is no lift. It just have stairs. There are 2 buildings that separate in one place. The buildings are faced each other.

The situation at my school is very comfortable. In the based floor there are 2 fish ponds. The ponds make our feeling are fresh everyday. There are some little fish in the ponds. My school is clean because students, teachers and officers of school have schedule of cleanliness everyday. My school is also crowded. There are 960 students, 70 teachers, 3 officers, 3 securities and also headmaster but it’s very interesting. Continue reading

Kata-kata Motivasi

Jangan mengeluh masalahmu. Jika kamu merasa bebanmu lebih BERAT daripada yg lain, itu karena Tuhan melihatmu lebih KUAT daripada yang lain.

Tuhan takkan pernah membiarkan dirimu terluka, Dia hanya ingin kamu belajar dari segala masalah. Percayalah padaNya.

Doaku pagi ini: Tuhan, beri aku kekuatan tuk bisa melalui hari ini, tuk menghadapi segala masalah yang kutahu hanya buatku dewasa.

Terkadang satu-satunya cara tuk menyelesaikan masalahmu adalah dgn membenarkan cara pandangmu, bkn masalahmu.

Mencari siapa yg salah takkan selesaikan masalah. Berdiskusi dan kerja sama, maka kamu dan dia mampu selesaikan segalanya.

Ketika amarah memuncak, bersabar adalah pilihan terbaik. Marah tidak menyelesaikan masalah, dan mengalah bukan berarti kalah. Continue reading

How to Make Burger


Do you know burger ? I believe all of you know it. Have you ever eaten burger ? I have ever  eaten burger. It’s so delicious! Burger is kind of bread in the shape of circle that is sliced become two and in the middle it is filled by patty that is  usually taken from meat, and then some vegetables. Before you make burger, you have to know some equipments, ingredients, and steps to make burger.

First, you must prepare the equipments. There are frying pan, spatula, gass stove, and plate. The equipments are not a lot so that you are easy to do it. It is usually available at home so you don’t need to buy. Then, you must prepare the ingredients. There are bread, meat, cheese, salad, tomato, cucumber, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, chili sauce, and butter. Continue reading